Prime Numbers Are
Contents of
Structural Stability

A New Theory on the Mystery of Prime Numbers, on Fibonacci’s Numbers
and on “Golden Pi 4.7596”.


Author: Patrizia Franceschelli
Price: 7,98 USD

The book on prime numbers
that all enthusiasts and curious should read!

Primary Numbers are Structural Stability Constants

In this book you will embark on an unexpected and engaging journey to discover the true nature of Prime Numbers, from their origins to their evolution.

Prime numbers are a special category of numbers that are believed to preserve the fundamental particles of the bi-dimensional world. According to this theory, these particles may have evolved from the formation of strings in the one-dimensional world and persisted in our dimension.

Mathematics, physics, psychology: prime numbers succeed in uniting all these disciplines in an unanticipated and profound way.

Do we really know everything about the Golden Pi and Fibonacci’s Numbers? Or are there sides of these objects yet to be explored?

My task, as the author, will be to take you by the hand and guide you into the depths of prime numbers, in search of their hidden and intrinsic characteristics.

Price: 7,98 USD


Price: 7,98 USD

The Author:
Patrizia Franceschelli

I have always been passionate about depth Psychology and Mathematics, subject which I still study with constant and unwavering interest.

This intuition has accompanied me for many years and now I have finally managed to put it down in words that can be shared, and I truly hope that someone will fall in love with it and try to prove it.

I have also added my study of Fibonacci’s Numbers because by “playing and guessing” with the prime numbers and space and time, I believe I have verified that the mysterious Number of Napier is hidden in the belly of the Golden Spiral. The 13 degrees are essential for the construction of the Golden Spiral.

Many thanks to Professor Domiziano Mostacci from the Department of Industrial Engineering of the University of Bologna for his advice, which made it possible to correct the writing that otherwise would have compromised its credibility.  

© copyright Casa Anathapindika di Patrizia Franceschelli 2023

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